Greg Hamlyn

Founder / CEO

As the company founder Greg also enjoys coaching a select few clients himself. He was a mechanic by trade and took over his father’s business when his father fell ill and eventually purchased it from him. Within the first 12 months he increased the business from $200,000 to well over 1.2 million dollars.

However, he learnt the hard way the struggles you can go through when you own your own business and don’t know essential things like; marketing, sales, time management and team management.

During this time, he some health issues with his children and put a manger into the business to run it. He took his off the ball so to speak, really at that time he didn’t even know what the ball looked like. Unfortunately, the manager ran the business into the ground and we ended up losing everything, and found himself in emergency housing with his four kids (all under 5). He then started to work in the construction industry working for and then as a contractor on the building of New Parliament House in Canberra.

Greg threw himself into learning everything he could about business so he could figure out where he went wrong, and stop others from making the same mistakes. Since then has owned several businesses as well as setting up and running a few property syndicates on projects ranging between 2 million and 35 million dollars.

A few friends and acquaintances started asking him about how to help them in their businesses and he eventually decided to start coaching other businesses, mainly trades related business because that was his background. Then in 2013 he decided to focus more on Builders and the construction industry, this was because the builder we engaged on one of the syndicates projects was going through the exact same issues that Greg had in his first business.

With more than 30 years of experience in his pocket, he has gained the knowledge and wisdom to help builders and those in the construction industry to grow and improve their businesses. Greg provides training through 1 on 1 coaching, online webinars and live events.

Greg is also fond of traveling, so if he’s not on with a client, you’ll often find him in his caravan travelling around Australia with his lovely wife.

Keith Williams

Senior Coach

Keith has been with Trades Coaching since 2011 as a coach for our 1 on 1 clients.
He has owned his own home inspection business, and witnessed first hand some of the struggles faced by the construction industry on an individual business basis. As our senior coach he is responsible for ensuring our clients get through these struggles unscathed (or avoid them all together!)

Keith has never had an unhappy client and prides himself on great results and fantastic relationships. He takes on clients on a personal basis and cares wholeheartedly about bettering their position.
When he’s not improving businesses, Keith enjoys ridiculously long runs, bike rides and hikes. He enjoys rock climbing and getting outdoors, as well as reading a good book out in the sun.

Katie Hamlyn

General Manager

Katie is the manager and the planner, taking care of the day to day running of the company and making sure people are where they should be. She prides herself on keeping the team happy and creating a fun environment. Katie makes a point to catch up with everyone regularly to motivate and help them to stay in tip-top shape, individually, as well as as a team.

As a certified digital marketer, Katie also oversees the marketing side of social media and ensures that the content being sent out is of top quality.
Overall, she’s the team’s ‘captain’ and is often affectionately addressed this way by many of the staff.

When she’s not busy being the ‘captain’, Katie can be found enjoying theatre plays and even helping out back-stage at the local theatres. She’s quite the socialite and enjoys getting out and catching up with people for lunches, dinners and spontaneous days out.

Reyjei Afrondoza

Technology Manager

Reyjei is our “tech guy”. He oversees all changes to anything ‘technical’, and has been diligently improving the way things run for the past 5 years. He is fluent in Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Woocommerce, Leadpages, Gravityforms, Learndash, iMember360, aMember, Stripe Gateway, Paypal Gateway, Shoppify and more! You name it, and he probably knows it (if not, he’ll get to learning it faster than you can say ‘bazinga!’).

Reyjei not only knows about the software side of things, he’s also an enthusiast when it comes to hardware. If you don’t see him working on optimizing and developing our websites and membership areas, you’ll find him busy searching the internet for the best parts to add on his computer.

Diana Karen Luna ~ Afrondoza

Diana Karen Luna

Content Creation Manager

From creating blogs and articles, to editing videos and audios, and even creating digital graphics, you can always find Diana hard at work, making sure everything is perfect before it goes out. She’s multi-talented and enjoys working in various areas of the company.

Diana is a certified Digital Marketing Professional and is able to apply these skills to ensure that content is sent out to all the right places at all the right times.

She may responsible for almost all the copy you see, but that doesn’t mean Diana doesn’t know how to relax and have fun. She often enjoys an online game or two after work, and always finds time to enjoy a good cuddle with her cat “Jinx”.

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