Greg Hamlyn

Founder / CEO

As the company founder Greg also enjoys coaching a select few clients himself. He was a mechanic by trade and took over his father’s business when his father fell ill and eventually purchased it from him. Within the first 12 months he increased the business from $200,000 to well over 1.2 million dollars.

However, he learnt the hard way the struggles you can go through when you own your own business and don’t know essential things like; marketing, sales, time management and team management.

During this time, he some health issues with his children and put a manger into the business to run it. He took his off the ball so to speak, really at that time he didn’t even know what the ball looked like. Unfortunately, the manager ran the business into the ground and we ended up losing everything, and found himself in emergency housing with his four kids (all under 5). He then started to work in the construction industry working for and then as a contractor on the building of New Parliament House in Canberra.

Greg threw himself into learning everything he could about business so he could figure out where he went wrong, and stop others from making the same mistakes. Since then has owned several businesses as well as setting up and running a few property syndicates on projects ranging between 2 million and 35 million dollars.

A few friends and acquaintances started asking him about how to help them in their businesses and he eventually decided to start coaching other businesses, mainly trades related business because that was his background. Then in 2013 he decided to focus more on Builders and the construction industry, this was because the builder we engaged on one of the syndicates projects was going through the exact same issues that Greg had in his first business.

With more than 30 years of experience in his pocket, he has gained the knowledge and wisdom to help builders and those in the construction industry to grow and improve their businesses. Greg provides training through 1 on 1 coaching, online webinars and live events.

Greg is also fond of traveling, so if he’s not on with a client, you’ll often find him in his caravan travelling around Australia with his lovely wife.

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