Coaching has turned my life around; I am now a more confident business person working only 30 hours a week instead of 50 – 60 hours. I have taken my business from doing 300 jobs per month with 13 people to over 1,400 jobs per month with 15 team members. The cost of coaching is a very small price to pay for the money that you will make in the business.

Tech 1 Electronic Repair Centre

A few months ago my husband and I were almost ready to give up on his business. Our major issue was cash flow, which was causing us a lot of pain. Greg has guided and motivated us and we are now seeing results! Things are looking a lot brighter and I only wish I had found Trades Coaching sooner!

The Plumbing Wizard

We’ve been working together for the past 3 – 4 years and joined Greg in one of his training workshops to get some marketing ideas. We had no real marketing happening and no idea how to change it. Greg opened our eyes to a fair few ideas that will allow us to move forward. Greg and Builders Profits are very helpful, knowledgeable and have opened out eyes on marketing and have given heaps of practical ideas on how to get more people in our sales funnel and convert them into paying customers we ca utilise in our business right away. We’d definitely recommend Builders Profits to any builder out there who needs some help with their business.

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I’ve been working with Greg and Builders Profits for a while now and I started totally new to it all. It was a fresh start to my business and I discovered that although how to be great at my trade, building homes and doing extensions, I didn’t know much about actually running a business.

Working with Greg has changed my perspective on not only what it takes to run and grow a business but also how to manage the sales and marketing part of business so I could start attracting more of the right sort of enquires and convert more quotes into sales.

Being relatively new to the building industry I have actually missed out on some big jobs that Greg has helped me to get my quotes accepted on, simply to have to turn them down due to the home owners warranty insurance that requires me to have more time in the field before they will increase my limits. Without Greg’s help there is no way my quotes would have even got a second glance, without actually being accepted on larger jobs and it is unfortunate that my growth rate has been hobbled with the industry insurances.

I would totally recommend Greg and Builders Profits to any builder looking to improve and grow.

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total lifestyle builders

After a very bad year last year and several poor years previous, my wife and I decided to draw the line in the sand. We would give my building business 3 months and if things did not improve, we would give up and I would look for employment elsewhere.

I found your website and although skeptical, registered for one of your free webinars. The information provided was totally relevant and delivered in a way that made sense to builders and trades men (most other information on the web seem to explain everything relative to a retail environment, which is very different to a trade environment). This information made total sense. It changed the way I looked at and thought about my business and for the better.

I am now in the process of training and growing my team so I can spend more time working on my business. I feel more positive about it and know that there is a better way. This positivity also seems to have the effect of making more positive things happen.

I recommend Builders Profits and Trades Coaching to anyone out there who feels like they are working and quoting constantly for little return. I can now see more clearly where we are going thanks to Greg and Builders Profits.

Tropical Lifestyle Builders

The biggest concern I had was could I afford the coaching and was I going to get anything out of it. I took it on because I understood things needed to change. Greg showed me how to grow my business, and put up with my resistance along the way, to employing more staff and how to grow & market my business effectively.
I found we can get stuck in our mindset on how things can be done and looked at. Greg opened my mind and helped me grow, from a building business in the backyard on me own to employing 2 full time office staff in a proper office in town, from turning over 1 million a year to 4 million in approximately 15 months.

One of the clients told me once that it’s like having a business partner to help you grow without splitting the profits, I found that to be good advice. My advice to you would be to do what he says and reap the benefits.
On a personal note, I found Greg to be an extremely good person, someone who I could talk to about anything, that’s what really made the difference to me; he cares and I consider him a friend. I would have no problem talking with anyone who is considering this and highly recommending Greg and his lovely wife, who stands with him. Good luck!!

Adam Power