Advisory: Our Mentoring Program services are advisory.

Scheduling: Mentoring appointments can be re-scheduled with a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice. Additional time in the five (5) week months is allocated to holidays and other non-mentoring times during the year. From time to time,  you and/or your mentor may need to take time away to observe holidays, take vacations, attend company events, etc.

Reporting: You will be asked to report the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of your business on a regular basis, so your mentor can monitor the health and performance of your business.

  1. Pay your payments on time – This is a fee for service program.
  2. There are no refunds – as this is a fee for service.

To Get the Best Results…

  • You Need to Show Up
    We can’t want your dream more than you
  • Have a Great Work Ethics
    If you join our program and don’t put in the effort, you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for.
  • Be Resourceful
    Apply what you learn and take advantage of everything we are offering you.
  • Be a Person With Integrity
    We consider you and your team to be partners working together to grow your business.We’ll work hard to help you be as successful as possible.