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You can be confident our coaches have seen first hand the problems you may face in your business.


Made for trades and construction businesses, by trades and construction businesses, allowing you to short cut 20 years of trial and error.


If you don’t make more than you spend with us we will coach you for free until you do (and we’ve never had anyone have to take up that offer!)


Business Academy

Get every aspect of your business running smoothly and see it become the ideal business you dream it to be.

There’s no stress, no pressure as you can work through the Academy however you want. It is accessible anytime, anywhere so you get to learn either at work or during your free time.

Ideally suited for the small business owners starting out or simply looking to learn more about the business basics and to give them solid foundations for growth

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Group Coaching

With online training and support from our experienced coaches, you’ll be a part of a changing community, whilst watching your own business grow and improve.

Join your fellow contractors and tradesmen in group calls, where you can ask questions and have your material critiqued as well as getting real world training and experience about business.

You’ll get help finding the a solution for your business from an experienced industry based business coach in a group environment.

Ideally suited for the small to medium size business owners that are more established and looking for help with marketing, sales, and profitability

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1:1 Personalised Coaching

Get massive breakthroughs in you business by working 1-on-1 with our business coaches. Our coaching programs were specially designed for builders and contractors to help take their business to the next level, get more time, make money and get the lifestyle and freedom that owning a business should give them.

Ideally suited for medium to large business owners looking to grow and leverage themselves out of their business while still maintaining control and profitability.

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Greg Hamlyn

Founder / CEO

Keith Williams

Senior Coach


Coaching has turned my life around; I am now a more confident business person working only 30 hours a week instead of 50 – 60 hours. I have taken my business from doing 300 jobs per month with 13 people to over 1,400 jobs per month with 15 team members. The cost of coaching is a very small price to pay for the money that you will make in the business.

Tech 1 Electronic Repair Centre

When we started with Trades Coaching, we had les then $400,000 leads in our sales funnel and only WOM marketing and it wasn’t working in less the 8 months we had over 2.1million dollars of work and now have a professional marketing system that can generate leads.

This wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t started with Trades Coaching & Builders Profits. Greg and his team helped us put a Marketing and Sales system in place to gain this amazing growth.

Laguna Constructions

When we started with Trades Coaching, we were pulling in $500,000 a year. A year later, we were at $1.8 Million. And a year after that, $2.6 Million. Without a doubt, if we hadn’t worked with Trades Coaching, this never would have happened. Trades Coaching helped us put the systems and strategies in place that we needed to experience such phenomenal growth.

Scott Wildman Plumbing


Online Training


Attend our online training events where we’ll show the secrets to a successful building and construction business. This is also a great place for you to learn more about us and what we do.



Read through our blogs and articles where we share tips and guides. You’ll find everything from; how to be more productive, working with your team, improving your sales and marketing, the importance of having some time for yourself and family, and so much more.



Don’t know where to go or how to start? Book in for a quick chat where we can talk about where you and your company are at right now, and where you want to be. We’ll get clear about what’s possible for your business and how to get there. You’ll leave the call feeling confident and excited about the possibilities.


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Already have a business that is up and running but not giving you the life you want? Get help on how to stop competing on price, get off the tools, and have the lifestyle and freedom that you want.  Learn more…