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If you don’t make more than you spend with us we will coach you for free until you do (and we’ve never had anyone have to take up that offer!)


Get every aspect of your business running smoothly and see it become the ideal business you dream it to be.

Ideally suited for the small business owners starting out or simply looking to learn more about the business basics and give them solid foundation for growth.

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Get massive breakthroughs in your business by working with our business coaches. Get more time, make money and get the lifestyle and freedom that owning a business should give you.

Our coaching programs were specially designed for builders and contractors to help take their business to the next level.

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Coaching has turned my life around; I am now a more confident business person working only 30 hours a week instead of 50 – 60 hours. I have taken my business from doing 300 jobs per month with 13 people to over 1,400 jobs per month with 15 team members. The cost of coaching is a very small price to pay for the money that you will make in the business.

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When we started with Trades Coaching, we had les then $400,000 leads in our sales funnel and only WOM marketing and it wasn’t working in less the 8 months we had over 2.1million dollars of work and now have a professional marketing system that can generate leads.

This wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t started with Trades Coaching & Builders Profits. Greg and his team helped us put a Marketing and Sales system in place to gain this amazing growth.

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When we started with Trades Coaching, we were pulling in $500,000 a year. A year later, we were at $1.8 Million. And a year after that, $2.6 Million. Without a doubt, if we hadn’t worked with Trades Coaching, this never would have happened. Trades Coaching helped us put the systems and strategies in place that we needed to experience such phenomenal growth.

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Contractor Burnout: What is it and how to overcome it?

Contractor Burnout: What is it and how to overcome it?

Ever felt mentally and physically exhausted that you just want to give up everything? People say that having your own construction business makes you lucky because you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want and just leave the work to your employees. As much as contractors want that…

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How to Prevent Your Clients From Not Paying

How to Prevent Your Clients From Not Paying

The worst thing that could happen to a builder or contractor would be when a client refuses to pay them for their work. You’d wonder how such a thing could happen? Was it your fault or the clients’? Will you ever get the payment you deserve? Believe it or not,…

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Traits That Successful Business Owners Have

Traits That Successful Construction Business Owners Have

traits of a good businessman I’ve met a lot of builders and contractors in trade shows and conferences. All of them wanted the same things: to have the time to do things with their family or friends, to make more money, and to live the lifestyle that they’ve always wanted.…

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